Attending to Computing in Cardiology 2017

posted on September 29th 2017 in Uncategorized

I was attended to Computing in Cardiology 2017 conference in 24-27 September in Rennes, France. CinC conference is one of the largest conference for medical engineering in the world.

I presented two of my work:

  • Influence of U-shape Accelerations of Heart Rate on Very Low Frequency Band and Heart Rate Multifractality – Mateusz Soliński, Jan Gierałtowski, Paweł Kuklik,  i Jan Żebrowski (oral presentation)
  • Classification of Atrial Fibrillation in Short-term ECG Recordings Using a Machine Learning Approach and Hybrid QRS Detection – Joanna Rymko, Mateusz Soliński, Anna Perka, Jacek Rosiński, Michał Łepek (poster – you can see it here).

It was great time and the best opportunity to meet many talented researchers from entire world.